Friday Arts Porcelain

from Far4.Net

From Far4’s webshop: “Porcelain Studio Klimenkoff, founded in 2003 and located in Moscow, specializes in producing one-of-a-kind hand crafted porcelain creations. Their highly skilled artists trained in classical techniques of painting and gilding create items, whose quality can be compared to those of Sevres, Meissen and Imperial Porcelain Factory. Studio Klimenkoff has a rare specialty – hand made sculpture, decorative plate designs, Easter eggs, as well as delicate porcelain flowers. Only a handful of artists in the whole of Russia have these unique skills. These highly trained artists are creating a Renaissance in decorative Russian porcelain.”

I find these small sculptures utterly elegant. I love porcelain in any form but these are truly special. So deft and graceful, so pristine. Now I must be off to find a white dress made from finely pressed linen… and a wide brimmed hat. I feel a walk in a spring garden flooded with morning sunlight coming on!

Thursday Design – I Would Live Here

image from bippityboppityboo

I absolutely love this loft style open set-up. Room to move and breathe and yet places to collect and connect. The exposed funky brick and scattered antiques along side classic and more modern pieces just works. Love the globes hiding in the background. Just so you know, I have red pillows and tall ceilings for breakfast. Yum! I would live here.