I was listening in the other day to a mom and daughter going back and forth on appropriate fashion and it reminded me of the same conversations I used to have with my mom. Dang. We disagreed on anything related to that topic. I drove her crazy with my clothing choices, always. But one thing we agreed on more than not was jewelry. She had an artist’s eye that I envied. I hope I inherited a little of that from her. This is a piece of hers that I am just beginning to appreciate.

New Mid-Century

Thank you West Elm. I *heart* all of you!

Spare tables that were hanging around have always ended up being my night-stand. This time I chose to style deliberately. I couldn’t be more happy with the result.

Time and Place / 1

living room photo by Roger Davis/Architectural Digest – martini by Desislava Terzieva – awesome sunnies by kate spade

88 hot (it’s a dry heat) degrees on the patio, just off camera where I am lounging. It’s a cool 72 inside. I have just been handed a perfect martini. Yes, the pool man is that good! My sunglasses rest upon my nose which is now firmly planted in the new Vogue Magazine. Twiggy, wow. My girlfriends arrived earlier for a late morning gathering while our men went off to hit on the fairways… and other things, I am sure. The percolated coffee and brunch were lovely but we have found ourselves thirsty for more “interesting” refreshments as the day begins to lag and gossipy conversations have  begun to dwindle. (Although really, how many affairs can Sharon have before Doug catches on?) I am not sure I like the new art that Keith has hung on our living room wall. It seems too drab for the airiness of the room. On the other hand, it does add some visual depth to the space and it makes the fire seem not so out of place on this lovely Spring day. It may grow on me in time.