Lovely Fragrance

image by suitefiveseven

I will get over this single photo thing soon enough but I can’t get over the fine snaps coming out of my iPhone and the interesting aspects that Instagram allows so simply. I sure hope Mr. Z understands the precious thing he just bought. If “The Social Network” was even slightly accurate I hope Mr. Z remembers his own understanding about Facebook. It’s special because it’s cool. Don’t screw Instagram up, please.

Secondly, just discovered Chanel Allure. Where have I been? Lovely fragrance and very reminiscent of vintage Anne Klein. I sure miss that one but it’s frightfully overpriced on auction sites. So, thanks Chanel. I appreciate it when a boffo fragrance shows up, and you did.

Oh, and cheery weekend!

Joys of Spring

images from Fragrantica

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow for us here in the Northwest but that doesn’t keep me from looking at the calendar and realizing that Spring is just around the corner. There are but only a few months this time of year that call for the softer side of fragrances before you pull out your big guns of summer. Follow me into this garden of beauties that can’t wait to be uncapped and taken out for a walk with you!

  1. Nina Ricci L’air du Temps (a retro light floral fragrance just itching for a comeback)
  2. Chanel No 19 Poudre (Chanel of course, the softer and greener side of No 19)
  3. D&G Light Blue (a springtime staple of cedar and citrus)
  4. Marc Jacobs Blush (this one doesn’t get near enough press, light jasmine)
  5. Annik Goutal Petite Cherie (wonderfully light and expressive, clean and fresh)
  6. Chanel Chance eau Tendre (Chanel again, of course! Florals and citrusy light)
  7. Jennifer Aniston (originally named Lolavie but after being deemed too close to Marc Jacobs’ Lola it was renamed simply Jennifer Aniston, light musk, citrus and coconut)