I was listening in the other day to a mom and daughter going back and forth on appropriate fashion and it reminded me of the same conversations I used to have with my mom. Dang. We disagreed on anything related to that topic. I drove her crazy with my clothing choices, always. But one thing we agreed on more than not was jewelry. She had an artist’s eye that I envied. I hope I inherited a little of that from her. This is a piece of hers that I am just beginning to appreciate.

New Mid-Century

Thank you West Elm. I *heart* all of you!

Spare tables that were hanging around have always ended up being my night-stand. This time I chose to style deliberately. I couldn’t be more happy with the result.


Fabulous breakfast (Tokeland Hotel). Good company (my Dad). Damp drive (squalls and more squalls). Fresh crab for later (Nelson’s OMG). I’m not sure if anything could have made this a better day! Thanks Dad.

Vintage / Scouring Thorp

Found this special little demitasse and a great vintage “cash buyer” produce license. As I was admiring my cute little golden Bavarian cup I completely broke it. Bother! But, a little glue and it’s a cup with a handle once again. A little scar never hurts. And it must like me even more now since I tended to it so carefully and quickly after the… accident.